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Heart-related information, such as signs of a heart attack and stroke as well as healthy living ideas, from the American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Heart Related Resources
Mental Health
Mental Health Resources


Information on mental health conditions, treatment, and support.
Mental Health Resources


How to help someone who is suicidal…
  • Be direct.  Talk openly and matter-of-fact about suicide.

  • Be willing to listen.  Allow expression of feelings.  Accept the feelings.

  • Be non-judgmental.  Don’t debate whether suicide is right or wrong, or whether feelings are good or bad.  Don’t lecture on the value of life.

  • Get involved.  Become available.  Show interest and support.

  • Don’t dare him or her to do it.

  • Don’t act shocked.  This will put distance between you.

  • Don’t be sworn to secrecy.  Seek support.

  • Offer hope that alternatives are available but do not offer glib reassurance.

  • Take action.  Remove means, such as firearms or stockpiled pills.

How to Get Help...
  • Your Iowa Life – call 855-581-8111 or text 855-895-8398 for free 24/7 confidential support.  The lifeline is answered by Iowans.  Other resources are available online at   There is also a chat function on the website.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800-273-TALK (8255).  The lifeline is answered by someone at a crisis center closest to your location.  Other resources are available online at

  • Crisis Text Line – Text HOME to 741741 for free 24/7 crisis support.

  • Central Iowa Crisis Line – Call 844-258-8858 for 24/7 help in Iowa’s 10 central counties.  Information is also available online at

Suicide Prevention
Lifestyle Resources


Diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress relief.
Eat Right
Christians Practicing Yoga
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