How can you become a part of Ankeny Presbyterian Church?

You may join by transfer of letter from another church, by reaffirming your faith in Jesus Christ, or by making a first-time profession of faith and by being  baptized if that sacrament has not already been administered.

During the year we offer Inquirers' Gatherings, led by our pastor and other church leaders.  The Inquirers' Gathering is designed to provide information about what it means to be Presbyterian, but you will also be able to find out great ways to connect with other members, through study, fellowship, and service.  Participation in this class is generally required for membership.

Prior to attending ‚Äčan Inquirers' Gathering, it is recommended that you watch five short videos about the meaning of Presbyterian Discipleship.

Discipleship Part 1


Discipleship Part 2


Discipleship Part 3


Discipleship Part 4


Discipleship Part 5

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